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Piano Lessons


Students should expect to learn basic beginning piano technique and a variety of repertoire.  Lessons will mainly focus on functional piano skills and classical works.  If a short study of music theory is required to successfully read music, it will be included in the lesson.  The lessons will always begin with functional skills such as scales, hand exercises, and chords, followed by a short sight-reading exercise.  We will then delve into the study of their current repertoire.  Students are expected to come to lessons prepared to discuss successes and challenges of learning their repertoire as to guide their study.  Piano lessons are available in half-hour sessions.  Semesters are approximately 14 weeks long, and students receive one lesson per week in their semester fees unless other arrangements have been made.  There are three semesters each year; Spring, Summer, and Fall.  The Summer session is shorter with only 8 weeks to accomodate students' school schedules. Each semester will finish with a studio recital that students can participate in.



Students must enroll for entire semesters to ensure consistency in growth.  Semester fees do not include materials such as books. Each semester may finish with a recital that could include a small fee for students choosing to participate.

Fall/Spring Semester Fee (half hour lessons, 14 weeks): $500

Summer Semester Fee (half hour lessons, 8 weeks): $285

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